Lianne La Havas

For a while, I wanted to make portraits of my favourite musicians. Lianne La Havas is definitely one of them an I’ve been a fan since the beginning. She recently released her new album and its become a firm favourite of mine. One of those albums where you don’t press skip for a single track.Continue reading “Lianne La Havas”

My Self Portrait

Another project I worked on during lockdown is my self portrait. I really enjoyed making it as it’s not often I get to create something for myself to keep. For reference I used a photo of myself wearing one of my favourite items in my entire wardrobe; a bright orange biker jacket. I also experimentedContinue reading “My Self Portrait”

Happy Easter

He got up! And I’m so glad he did. During this period of lockdown I’ve been learning hand lettering with brush pens. I created this illustration with paper flowers, embellishments and the first part of scripture from Mark 16:6. A simple verse but also in my opinion the most important one of the entire bible.