Hand lettering with brush pens

I bought a set of metallic brush pens a while ago but hadn’t got round to using them correctly.

When the government announced we would be in lockdown I thought it would be a good time to learn a new skill. So I decided to take up hand lettering and modern calligraphy.

Practicing the alphabet a letter at a time.
I started off with basic drills to get used to up and down strokes.
Song lyrics from Friendly Fires Hawaiian Air.
Practicing hand lettering helped with memorising scripture through repetition.
Positive affirmation from the Bible.

Happy Easter

He got up! And I’m so glad he did.

During this period of lockdown I’ve been learning hand lettering with brush pens.

I created this illustration with paper flowers, embellishments and the first part of scripture from Mark 16:6. A simple verse but also in my opinion the most important one of the entire bible.