I remember the very first time I saw Kelis, I was in my brothers room watching the Pepsi Chart Show. The video for Caught Out There was playing and my 8 year old self was absolutely transfixed.

I grabbed for my oil pastels and drew her as soon as the video ended. Ive been a fan of hers ever since.

I was only right for her to be the second artist I made a portrait of. Her was a joy to recreate and I love the colour palette.

Published by evaaq

I am a cheerful vibrant illustrator, who specialises in handmade greeting card design. I have a meticulous eye for detail and truly enjoy making someone’s day with my art. Paper art is my passion and my tool of choice is a scalpel. I also enjoy music, fashion and travelling. If I’m not at home making cards or on holiday, I am at a gig.

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